Apollo Security Sales Advance The Security Industry

Apollo Security Sales is one of the leaders in manufacturing physical security systems for their clients. Apollo Security Sales introduces new products every year including the INTERSEC Trade Fair in Dubai, UAE.

For more details visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/apollosecurity/apollosecuritysales/prweb10285835.htm

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Apollo Security Sales Bring You The APACS OPC – Building Control and Automation Interface

Apollo Security Sales is a leader in development and manufacturing of access control and integrated security systems. They are committed to delivering quality products that can meet the needs no matter what size or complexity.

APACS OPC Client features go beyond security to connect you to the process and control systems that you need. Get integrated monitoring and control of the entire site in one place with a customizable easy to use interface. Monitor OPC Servers to get constantly updated information on all types of devices including HVAC, lighting, pumps, power meters and more. See alarms and messages in APACS with OPC Alarm & Events or customize your own alarm thresholds for Data Access items and events are automatically generated.

Apollo Security Sales allows you to control devices on your OPC network by easily writing tag values. Associate control tags with any OPC item and define automatic reactions in response to events within the Access Control System or any other message source. Manual control is also made simple with custom control menus for each object which can be accessed directly from the hardware tree or map icons. For even greater flexibility, interface with many control systems including BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, SNMP and more.


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Apollo Security Sales Empower Their Security Solutions With Advanced Applications

Apollo Security Sales, the high end security systems company’s philosophy is to provide a safe working environment for your business and home. They understand that your office and business information should be installed with reliable security systems that have the ability to provide total security and total protection to their clients. They try their best to empower the security systems with innovative security applications.

Apollo Security Sales designs, manufactures and markets the world best security applications for the government as well as for the commercial customers. The best thing about this high end security systems manufacturer is that they try to research and come up with upgraded security systems that can also be integrated with new technologies as well as with the existing security systems that are already installed. This helpful feature of these security devices helps to enhance the operating systems, networking and application layers.

Apollo Security Sales manufactures security solutions that offer desktop security, isolation management, limiting network access to unauthorized users, enforces application isolation and also provides various secure functionalities. It readily serves intelligence defense and the educational markets the world over.

Apollo Security Sales, run by Clifford Crane has become the leading manufacturer of the latest security systems that governments and commercial users look up to. Running his company from his main head office in Newport Beach, California, Clifford Crane also has many small offices in different parts of the world to support sales.

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Apollo Security Sales Designs Unmatched Security Solutions

Apollo Security Sales is the best security systems company that stays head in manufacturing the best Access Control and Security Integration systems. This company holds memberships in ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security) Vistage International Inc and ICS (International Security Conference). It is also a generous supporter of the Help Hospitalized Veterans and has also received the Donor of the Year Award in 2010.

Apollo Security Sales Company’s main headquarter is in Newport Beach, California, all its employees speak about 15 languages. It runs many satellite offices in Europe, South America and Asia with other supporting offices in Middle East and Africa. The good thing is that Apollo Security Sales tries its best to manufacture all its products in United States and ships them to installations in thousands of sites in about seventy countries of the world.

Apollo Security Sales also offers superior product designs, unmatched quality control and precise surface mount technology, using state of the art manufacturing technology too. The company’s high tech products are security software, interface modules, controllers, digital strike control modules and power supplies. To supports its security products Apollo Security Sales, also conducts training seminars and educates its customers to the full functionality of their security systems. The training instructor explains the way to operate and maintain these security systems and also covers the alarm product line of controllers. Reflecting its commitment to innovation Apollo Security Sales periodically tries its best to introduce new devices that bring a change to this security industry.

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Clifford Crane Provides Layers of Protection Against Identity Theft

Clifford Crane says that today’s Biometrics Security Systems provide users several ways to identify individuals who need access to a particular area in a physical or a virtual location. The Biometrics security systems and products manufactured at Apollo Security Systems have provided layers of protection to guard against crimes like identity theft and this is the reason that most small and big businesses alike install Biometrics security systems.

Clifford Crane knows that the security systems help to protect against identity theft because they can easily track how a particular user uses the credit card. If the security systems detect any changes in the spending pattern of your credit cards the biometrics security systems catches these irregularities and will contact the credit card user to confirm it. This sure is the most effective way of catching unauthorized usage or access to accounts ad this sure helps to detect and control these crimes before they end up causing further damage.

Clifford Crane says that in way you can say that the biometrics security system ensure that only the right people have access to the data and information that you want to share. Moreover, a Biometrics security system uses parts of your body rather than photographs to identify and so there is no need to take photographs on a regular basis for identification and this system turns out a more safe and secure security solution.

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Apollo Security Sales Brings You A World Of High-End Security Systems

Clifford Crane’s Apollo Security Systems has designed the Apollo Vision system to meet with the needs of a variety of facilities from emerging users to multiple security requirements that offer peace of mind to its customers worldwide. Apollo Vision, this new video security system is easy to navigate and the APACS users will be able to conduct transitions to its video software that directly integrates into the existing APACS software while further integration will also make it easy to control the security system and the DVR on a single screen.

Clifford Crane has developed the Apollo Vision that is controlled automatically, and reacts in response to events and pre-defined schedules. The best thing is that they are also flexible enough to be controlled manually, as with a click of your mouse the Apollo Vision control system pops up.

Apollo Security Sales’ innovative team works up in producing intelligent controllers with intuitive technology. These security systems come with a lifetime warranty and countless other features. The system also boasts of three levels of Database redundancy and so together with these endless possibilities Apollo’s APACS software applications are only limited by the perimeters of the imagination of its users.

Clifford Crane knows that the innovative security systems will end up being the ultimate security solution for businesses as well as for government usage.

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